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Walk Tall – from GA S05E12

Some GA snippet

Torres said:
I used to walk tall. Then came George. He took off at least an inch. Then Erica went and left me. That shaved off a few more. I got shorter. All that humiliation, it makes you shorter. So yeah, I am scared of getting hurt because one more personal disaster right now would cut me off at the knees.

Some “Noname” said: No one knows how short you are except for you.

Sloan said to Torres:
Walk tall. All you can do is be brave enough to get out there. You fought, you loved, you lost. Walk tall, Torres.


关于未来 《時をかける少女》




About compromise

    In Everwood S01E20,Ephram pops a question “What’s the point of becoming great if you compromise everything to get there?” At the first he means his piano teacher Matt’s “dirty” stuff and the lie about why he’s gonna leave. But then he realizes that his father Andy Brown is also compromised. He said, “You compromised. Think about it.  Would you have saved as many lives if you were home for dinner every night?” Doctor Brown admitted “Probably not”.
Then Andy told Ephram, “You won’t make the same mistakes. You’re 15 years old and you’re already asking yourself these questions. It took 20 years of neurosurgery, the death of your mother, and moving us to the middle of nowhere, before I even knew what the questions were.”

If I ask myself this question, my answer probably is, we should figure out what the most important is to myself, and that’s the thing we can’t compromise, or at least we can’t afford compromise. And that is what we are gonna fight for.