DH Season4 Finale

    赞一下DH Season4最后一集里Tom的表现。
    他们的一对Gay Couple邻居准备结婚,在筹备婚礼的中这对couple为了一个冰雕有点不愉快,Tom因为在家里小事经常受Lynette管,于是怂恿其中一人要强势点。结果事情闹大,Tom被Lynette“拉”着去收回之前说的话,但是Tom当着那对couple和Lynette的面说了这么一段话:
    If you’re willing to break up over an ice sculpture, you guys should absolutely not get married. What the hell are you going with this? Because who gets to choose the ice sculpture, who should take out the trash, who has to stay home and make the mini pizzas– that’s the little stuff. What are you gonna do when the big stuff comes along? What are you gonna do when a tornado hits your house, or you have problems with your kids, or one of you gets cancer? At some point, the crap is going to hit the fan, and that is why now, before you make the commitment, you have to ask yourself, is that person in bed next to you worth the trouble? Do you love him…or her so much that no disease, no disaster could possibly pull you apart?